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We enable your company to be part of the S.O.S drive, with the main focus on Saving Our Schools.  Smart Online School has Corporate Partnerships with a number of South African companies working across a range of different sectors. The support of these partnerships helps us to empowering and support South African Schools.


Did You Know?

No-Fee schools are supposed to pay for everything i.e. textbooks, stationary, water, lights, telephone, etc. But in this case, the provincial education departments determine how much of the allocation can be spent on what, such as 10% on municipal services, 8% on maintenance and 45% on learning support materials such as textbooks.  To buy goods, no-fee schools typically fill in requisition forms for support materials, such as textbooks, stationary and furniture, etc.


Schools in underprivileged communities need new revenue to fund unfunded mandates and manage shrinking budgets.


But You Can Make a Difference

When your company sponsors a school, you educate and empower underprivileged student to improve their education and achieve their full potential.  You can donate funds or any goods listed on a school’s whish list.

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